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Timesheet Checklist


  1. Fill in all the information including your full name and the full address of the client, including the postcode

  2. Clearly state exact hours worked and any break times

  3. Sign the form to confirm the hours have been worked

  4. Ensure the form is signed by the relevant person

  5. Fax your timesheet to the number shown on the timesheet or scan and email a copy to your consultant

  6. Complete your timesheet at the end of each week/assignment and ensure it reaches us by 9.00am the following Thursday


If you need any clarification on this, contact your dedicated consultant at Aqua Healthcare.

Aqua Healthcare Timesheets

In order to ensure that you get paid on time, it is really important that you fill in your timesheet correctly and submit it before the deadline.


Aqua Healthcare Timesheet Picture_edited
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